Indicates a research-demonstrated benefit


An integrated learning environment where the space is designed to facilitate interactions between small groups working on short, interesting tasks.

Type of Method Classroom structure
Level Designed for: Intro College Calculus-basedReferences coming soon, Intro College Algebra-basedReferences coming soon, Intro College Conceptual, Intermediate
Can be adapted for: Teacher Prep CourseReferences coming soon, High SchoolReferences coming soon, Teacher Professional Development
Setting Designed for: StudioReferences coming soon
Coverage Few topics with great depth, Many topics with less depth
Topics Mechanics, Electricity / Magnetism, Waves / Optics, Thermal / Statistical, Modern / Quantum, Mathematical, Astronomy, Other Science
Instructor Effort High
Resource Needs Tables for group work, Studio classroom
Skills Designed for: Conceptual understandingReferences coming soon, Problem-solving skillsReferences coming soon, Lab skillsReferences coming soon, Using multiple representationsReferences coming soon, Designing experimentsReferences coming soon, MetacognitionReferences coming soon, Making real-world connections, working in groups
Research Validation Based on research into: theories of how students learnReferences coming soon
Demonstrated to improve: conceptual understandingReferences coming soon, problem-solving skillsReferences coming soon, lab skillsReferences coming soon, beliefs and attitudesReferences coming soon, attendanceReferences coming soon, retention of studentsReferences coming soon, success of underrepresented groupsReferences coming soon, performance in subsequent classesReferences coming soon
Studied using: cycle of research and redevelopmentReferences coming soon, student interviewsReferences coming soon, classroom observationsReferences coming soon, analysis of written workReferences coming soon, research at multiple institutionsReferences coming soon, research by multiple groupsReferences coming soon, peer-reviewed publicationReferences coming soon
Compatible Methods Peer Instruction, PhET, UW Tutorials, JiTT, Ranking Tasks, ILDs, CGPS, Physlets, Context-Rich Problems, RealTime Physics, Workshop Physics, TIPERs, ABP Tutorials, Modeling, OSP, SDI Labs, OST Tutorials, ISLE, Thinking Problems, Workbook for Introductory Physics, LA Program, PBI, PET, PSET, LEPS, CAE TPS, Astro Ranking Tasks, MBL, New Model Course, CPU, SCL, TEFA, CU Modern, CU E&M, CU QM, QuILTs, IQP, Thermal Tutorials, Mechanics Tutorials, Energy Project, SGSI, Paradigms, PUM, EiP, Tools for Scientific Thinking, PI QM, M&I, Tutorials, Clickers, MOP, Responsive Teaching
Similar Methods Workshop Physics, EiP
Developer(s) Robert Beichner
Intro Article The Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP) Project