Peer Instruction

Implementation Guide

Resources, training, & community

Book: E. Mazur, Peer Instruction: A User's Manual (Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, 1997). Mazur's book contains an introduction to the method, an overview of the research behind it, directions for implementation, and a library of ConcepTests.

Blog: Turn to Your Neighbor is the official Peer Instruction blog, with many suggestions from the developers about how to implement Peer Instruction effectively.

Online Community: Peer Instruction Network is a global community where you can connect with other Peer Instruction users, share tips, and learn more about implementing Peer Instruction.

Online Clicker Resource: The University of Colorado Science Education Initiative has developed an online guide to using clickers in STEM classrooms, including suggestions for effective implementation, videos, a podcast, and links to other resources.

Video: Eric Mazur discusses his experience creating Peer Instruction:


Peer Instruction Network is a new global community developed by the Mazur group for current and future users of Peer Instruction and related interactive teaching methods. Its goal is to provide a forum for instructors to Connect with other innovative educators, Share experiences and resources, and Learn how to transform teaching and learning using research-based methods.

You can join the Peer Instruction Network at Once they have registered a significant number of users, they will launch site features which include the ability to locate other Peer Instruction users from your discipline, at your institution, or in your country. They will also post frequently asked questions and associated answers and publish user experiences with PI. Eventually they plan to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of materials.



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