Implementation Guide

Integrating with other methods

Compatible Methods Peer Instruction, PhET, UW Tutorials, JiTT, Ranking Tasks, ILDs, CGPS, Physlets, Context-Rich Problems, RealTime Physics, Workshop Physics, TIPERs, ABP Tutorials, Modeling, OSP, SDI Labs, OST Tutorials, ISLE, Thinking Problems, Workbook for Introductory Physics, LA Program, PBI, PET, PSET, LEPS, CAE TPS, Astro Ranking Tasks, MBL, New Model Course, CPU, SCL, TEFA, CU Modern, CU E&M, CU QM, QuILTs, IQP, Thermal Tutorials, Mechanics Tutorials, Energy Project, SGSI, Paradigms, PUM, EiP, Tools for Scientific Thinking, PI QM, M&I, Tutorials, Clickers, MOP, Responsive Teaching
Similar Methods Workshop Physics, EiP

SCALE-UP can be used in conjunction with nearly any research-based teaching method. Because SCALE-UP is a learning environment rather than a curriculum, you can use any curriculum with it, as long as that curriculum is based on active learning in small groups.

Here are a few examples of curricular materials from other teaching methods that have been used successfully with SCALE-UP:

Since SCALE-UP classrooms are often large and need extra instructors to help facilitate group work, many schools use a Learning Assistant Program to train undergraduate learning assistants to help out in the classroom.

See the lists of compatible methods and similar in the left sidebar for more ideas of other methods than can be used with SCALE-UP.